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Albariño/Mourvedre/Cab Franc/Zin/Syrah/La Paciencia -

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SYRAH mini vertical

2018 - Not yet released. Wild & Herbal & open. Drink now.

2019 - More restrained, more earthy notes. Need time and air to show.

2020 - Not yet released. Mushroom & leather, balanced with cherry. Intense. Now or cellar.

$85 shipped

We make wine as naturally as possible, the goal being to add no yeast, sulfur dioxide, oak chips, enzymes or concentrates in the cellar, and no chemicals, fertilizers or tillage in our vineyard.  

We allow fermentations to occur spontaneously, and allow them to complete in their own time (this can take up to 6 months!). Every vintage has its own rhythms. We age our wine in neutral containers, never in new oak, and let the wine develop without sulfur additions or excessive racking.

We bottle when the wine is “complete” (when a wine eventually comes together and is harmonious).  We then sometimes add a minimal amount of sulfur to ensure the bottles you receive are safe from the rigors of

travel and fluctuating temperatures.


All of our currently available wines.

Seemingly random thoughts on farming.

What you do in the vineyard should carry over to the cellar.

The obligitory bio stuff...

Supremely useful drink tumbler - for wine, cocktails, coffee, tea...

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Ecstatic Truth 4-PACK

Power Spot/This Was/Recliner/Deep Rhythm of Blues -

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