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Piquette Blanc NV 750ml bottle

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  • 2022 dealt a heavy blow to us when nature decided that one frost at the wrong time wasn’t enough. So we got a second one, timed just right to inflict maximum damage of vines that were just starting to recover from the first freeze. With so little fruit available, we thought that this might be a good time to explore the idea of Piquette - “wine” made from pressed grape skins, with a little water, sugar and acid added for re-balance. The irony - that we are making a beverage such as this, very much a manufactured drink when compared to how we normally do things around here - is not lost on me. But, the results are quite delicious! We used Grenache Blanc skins here, and aimed to make a low-alcohol (9%), slightly fizzy drink. It really is fun to drink, especially on a warm day, and the lower abv means consuming an entire bottle at lunch is not out of the question. In fact, we always keep two bottles in the fridge at all times, standing ready… 28 cases made.
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