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Our wines are unfiltered, unfined, and alive, so please expect some sediment and/or haze in some of the wines.  It is not a sign that the wine is defective.  Please contact us if you think a bottle might be “off” - we want you to be happy with your purchase - but remember that “I don’t like it” is not a reason for return.

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2017 Syrah "cuvée FR"



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2019 Zinfandel


2019 B-Sides


2020 Albariño



2017 La Paciencia


I love Syrah, and every year I try to reassess what we are doing with the grape, and look for ways to improve. As I understand more and more about the Sumu Kaw vineyard, I am trying to distill its Syrah down to its essence.

So the idea settled in that I should set aside the free run wine and keep it separate. The ferment was the same as the regular Sumu Kaw Syrah - whole cluster, foot stomped fruit in open top fermenters, no added yeast or other monkey business. When it came time to press, we simply drained the tanks of as much unpressed wine as we could, then pressed the skins, and kept it all separate.

The unpressed, free-run wine is lighter in color, and has all of the aromatic components and finesse, whereas the pressed wine is dark, moodier, tannic, brooding.

The wine is a very pretty, translucent ruby red. It has the classic Syrah smoke, grilled meat, dried herb, and earth aromas. There’s a touch of mint in there too. Quite lifted.

Medium bodied, with a little black cherry showing, and all of the aromatics carry over into the mouth. Very peppery on the finish, with some tannin, and balanced acidity.

It’s a wine of finesse, of balance, of grace. It is light on its feet. It’s Fred Astaire.   11.5%

182 cases made.

A 20% discount will be applied on purchases of 12 bottles or more (mixed cases ok).

Applicable sales tax and shipping costs not included in the price.

This vintage of our “weekday wine” turned out fabulously good! Primarily composed of Syrah (50%), Zinfandel (15%) and Grenache (10%), the blend also includes Barbera (8%), Mourvèdre (8%),  Counoise(8%), and even a smidgen of Nebbiolo (1%).  It is a mixture of almost all of our vineyard sites and soil types!

Because of its diverse makeup, the wine was picked over a number of weeks. Each lot was fermented separately, and blend was constructed towards the end of the harvest season. Every grape variety was whole cluster fermented in open top tanks, and the final blend was aged for a year entirely in tank. The wine then sat in bottle 6 months before release.

Plummy purple color. Herbs, cranberries, iron, loam, cherries, smoke & violets. Medium body. Tons of spicy red fruit, quite mouth filling on the palate. Long, smooth finish, as much driven by acids as tannin, with fruit interplaying with notes of petrichor. I swear I can taste the Nebbiolo in here!

It is utterly delicious now, but there’s a lot going on, lots of interesting flavors swirling about, and I think it will reward holding it a bit if you choose to. It really punches above its price-class.

151 cases made. 12% alc.

Picked at just above 20 brix, but with great flavors, our fresh-styled Zin from the 3000' elevation Sumu Kaw vineyard is a delight to drink. The high elevation vines insure moderate ripeness levels and plenty of sunlight for flavor development. Fresh berry aromas, with a plethora of supporting spice and pepper, lead to a mouthwatering cascade of fruit and refreshing acidity.

The wine was foot crushed and whole cluster fermented for 9 days, then pressed off into tank to finish. By mid-November the malo was through, and the wine was racked into a combination of flextank and barrels. No new oak, no residual sugar, no mega-purple, no funny stuff. Just pure wine.

It was bottled in August of 2020.

At a mere 12.4% alcohol, this is a Zin that you can drink both on the porch or with a meal. Its upfront flavors and focussed finish call you back for another glass.  And another...

152 cases made.


2019 Rosé Alors!


Once again, this wine is 100% Mourvèdre, and entirely barrel fermented. The grapes are organically grown at 3000’ at the amazing Sumu Kaw vineyard in central El Dorado. The soils there are volcanic loam, and the vineyard always seems to produce wines with extraordinary aromas.

The fruit was hand picked on September 25th, foot crushed and the loaded into the press. The only time on the skins was the 2+ hours of press time. The juice was pumped into puncheons for the fermentation. After the wine went dry, and malo was complete, we racked the wine into a combo of puncheon and tank for aging. Just before bottling, on July 17, 2020, we racked the clean wine into tanks and then into bottle.

After bottling, we let the wine rest until release now, some 9 months later.

The Alors shows a moody salmon-gold color. There are very forward tree-fruit blossoms, strawberries, and peaches & cream aromas, with a touch of strawberry leaf and crumbly loam lurking underneath. Medium bodied, with lovely fruit (more berries!), and a flash of pear skin in the mouth. It finishes with a hint of tannin (this is Mourvèdre, after all), and lingers on, with earthy tones, round acidity and white pepper vying for your attention.

182 cases made. 12.7% alc.  

This Tempranillo was grown at Rorick Heritage Vineyards, on slate soil with an underlayment of limestone. So there's a bit of a tug-of-war going on – the limestone can moderate the ripening, but the slate stores heat, speeding up some aspects of the ripening. One tends to get grapes with nice acids, but with exaggerated tannins (they need time on the vine to resolve themselves).

So it was in 2017.  After fermentation and pressing we were left with a tasty, but tannin-filled wine, with too much of almost everything.

The Tempranillo went into a 600 liter puncheon, and was more or less “forgotten” about in the cellar. I would check in on it every so often, following its development (or rather, often, lack of development). Finally, after two years in barrel, the wine started to soften. Its aromas blossomed, the flavors became cohesive, and the structure mellowed.

We bottled it in June of 2020, directly out of the puncheon, and stashed the bottles away for an additional 8 months. And now, here it is!

Deep red color. Lovely aromas of dried herbs, earth, mineral, tobacco. Medium to full bodied, with tons of energy on the palate. Dark fruits, more mineral, and tannins. This wine calls out for hearty food! The structure is not shy, but it rides in the pocket, supporting the long finish.

This will be an interesting wine to follow as it ages.

After all, patience is a virtue...

92 cases made, 13.3% alc.

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Our crowd-pleasing summer wine is back – this year with a bit of a twist!

As logistics would have it, fermenting 1/3rd of our Albariño on its skins made total sense. So that's what I did – 2/3rds went into the press (whole cluster!) and the juice was then fermented in flextank. The final 1/3rd was foot crushed and fermented in one of our small fermenters for exactly one week. This smaller lot was then pressed off and added to the original 2/3rds.

The result, after aging 7 months on its lees, is presented here: The wine has a deeper, more golden color that the usual, but still retains that insanely powerful peach aroma profile with a backdrop of lemon zest. The aromas carry over to the palate – stone fruit up front, then lemon, then a herbal, textural tannic structure makes an appearance. It's not dominant, but it let's you know it is there.

The wine has a refreshing medium body feel, and a crisp and clean finish. Refreshing is a key word here.

The added dimension that the skin contact brings means this wine can pair with even more diverse foods than our “standard” Albariño. But, conversely, this wine is lovely drunk solo as an aperitif.

Either way, it is quite enjoyable!

149 cases made. 12% alcohol.

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Also originating from the Rorick Vineyard, from grapes grown on limestone, this is the second Chard that we have released. It may be more Chardonnay-y (Chardonnaisier?) than the 2018 version, with certainly a better structural profile and depth. One learns from the past and tries to improve.

The grapes were picked and immediately whole cluster pressed into tanks. Primary fermentation took around 10 days to complete, and the various tanks were combined then into one lot, which rested on the lees until bottling in July of 2020. The wine had a full, spontaneous secondary (malolactic) fermentation as well.  This is an oak-free wine, and showcases how complex and beautiful Chardonnay can be without all the “makeup”.

This vintage has fallen wonderfully clear, showing a brilliant gold-green color.  It displays interesting aromas of green plum, graham cracker, and a subtle smoky bacon vibe. It is crisp on the palate, and very textural (something that Chard does very well!), with a medium to full body. It is rich, yet light, simultaneously.  Ends with a long, lingering finish, with more fresh plummy fruit and a delightful herbal note.

This will be a fun wine to follow as it ages.

123 cases made. 13.5% alcohol.

Once again, the Cedarville Vineyard delivers such a unique expression of Mourvèdre!  Every vintage is a little bit different, but the core of this wine is remarkably steady.  It is a class act.

Meticulous organic farming on granitic soils, whole cluster fermented, foot stomped, nothing tricky or “clever” going on here - just traditional wine growing and wine making.

Beautiful ruby red color. Powerful nose of red cherry, cranberry, mint, strawberry leaf, and a hint of earth. Medium bodied, lithe, pure fruit and lovely comforting tannins in a long refreshing finish. Subtle savory notes in there, too.

So, so good now, this wine has shown an amazing ability to age and improve in the cellar.  None of my previous vintages, dating back to 2007, are tired. Truly a modern classic.

122 cases made. 11.6% alc.

2019 Mourvedre



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2019 Chardonnay


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