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2016 Syrah "sumu kaw"



La Clarine Farm



2017 Funky Drummer


2017 "b-sides"


2018 Viognier



2017 Piedi Grandi


The 2016 Sumu Kaw Syrah reminds me very much of the 2014, and somewhat of the 2010. It seems very “together” for such a young wine, very expressive. It shows classic Syrah notes - smoke, herbs, bacon fat, olives - but with its distinctive California twist. The fruits are richer and darker in tone (blackberries!).

Structurally, the wine differs from the 2014 in that it is built for aging (here it resembles the 2010), with firm tannins and a juicy acidity. And age it will, with proper storage. This is our 9th vintage of this Syrah from the Sumu Kaw Vineyard, and tasting back to 2008, none of the previous years are tasting old or weak. So, although I heartily encourage you drink a bottle (or two) now, please feel free to stash away a few more bottles to explore in the coming years. For near-term drinking, you may want to decant the wine for a few hours, but it’s not a necessity.

100% whole cluster fermented Syrah, foot crushed, aged in puncheon and tank. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

12.8% abv. 250 cases made.

A 20% discount will be applied on purchases of 12 bottles or more (mixed cases ok).

Applicable sales tax and shipping costs not included in the price.

This Mourvedre and Syrah duo came about after I had blended together my 2017 Funky Drummer. I had several lots of really delicious wine that didn’t make that blend, so, taking my cue from the musical inspiration already in the air, I decided the A-side cut (Funky Drummer) needed a B-Side.

The Mourvèdre comes from a plot at 2900’ near Camino, CA, on volcanic loam soil. This is a young-ish vine plot that previously went into our Jambalaia Rouge blend. Bright, full of energy, with a slight autumnal feel to the wine.

The Syrah is from Sumu Kaw, also on volcanic soils at 3000'. These vines are mature, and lend a bit of gravitas to the blend, helping to anchor the wine and showing lovely flashes of smoke and soil. Everything was whole cluster fermented and aged in tank.

Together, we have a perfect red wine for Fall drinking. Like the warm glow of late afternoon, low-angle sunlight through golden/red tree leaves, spilling through your living room window...

A classic blend with a twist: Syrah, Grenche and Counois co-mingling to produce a whole greaster than its parts.

This wine just grooves. The Syrah and Grenache offer up a comfortable and familiar vibe. The Syrah (69% of the blend) provides the structure, as would the bass drum, and the Grenache (29%) is all high-toned high-hat goodness.  But the Counouse, at only 6%, is the kicker, the “ghost notes”, if you will. Flitting in and out of the flavor profile to add a little acid sparkle, or a little herbal kick.

It's magic.

Whole cluster, ambient yeast fermented and tank aged.

12.5% alcohol. 186 cases made.


2018 "al basc"


We’ve found that seven months of maceration is an ideal timeframe for the Albarino grape to show all it can do. We get all of the wonderful aromatics combined with an amazing depth of flavor from the skins. This produces aromas and flavors that admittedly are a bit unexpected in a wine - plenty of spice in the nose, but also flowers. There’s the expected dried fruit in there on the palate, but also the sensation of fresh grape skins. The wine has firm tannins, but the acidity gives it a lift, keeping it light on its feet. How can such opposing elements appear together in a wine?

I do not know.

But I do know that I like it.

Whole cluster fermented in an open-top fermenter for 10 days, then everything (grapes, juice, skins, stems, seeds - all of it) transferred to various sized Flextanks for continued maceration. We just leave until the following Spring, then gently rack off the wine (no pressing), and bottle it up in all of its cloudy, intense glory. Drink moderately chilled.

In this vintage, we are back to what I consider to be an ideal ratio of Nebbiolo to Mourvedre - about 60:40. For me, this allows the Nebbiolo to show its best characteristics (floral aromas, a bit of tar and roses really, and those amazingly energetic, fine-grained nebbiolo tannins), while the Mourvèdre plays the important support role (mid-palate presence, approachability, and a bit of spice).

In short - the Nebbiolo provides the flash, and the Mourvedre makes it drinkable in your lifetime.  As usual, everything was whole cluster fermented and aged in tank.

I’ve decided, after 2018 provided zero Nebbiolo for us (thank you so so much, Jack Frost), to take a break from this one. So, this will be the last vintage of the Piedi Grandi for the foreseeable future. Sorry to see it go, but so happy it’s going out on such a high note!

Every once in a while, the stars align, the vintage is (nearly) perfect, and our Viognier is flat-out spectacular on its own. We saw this almost immediately as the wine started to ferment. The aromas were amazing, and the wine just came together quickly in a way I haven’t often seen. Perfect balance of exuberance and subtlety.

This wine is a blend of two vineyard sites and two soil types - roughly 50;50 from each. Firstly, we have the Cedarville Vineyard, on coarse decomposed granite soils which yield a textural and floral style of Viognier. The rest comes from the Sumu Kaw Vineyard, located on old volcanic soils, which provides more mid-palate fruit and density.  Together, they make quite a nice wine, I think.  Whole cluster pressed and co-fermented.  Aged entirely in tank.

And, it is delicious! An awesome white for Fall drinking!

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