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2016 Syrah "sumu kaw"



La Clarine Farm



2017 Mo-Ma


2016 Piedi Grandi


2017 Rosé Alors!



2017 Mourvedre "cedarville"


The 2016 Sumu Kaw Syrah reminds me very much of the 2014, and somewhat of the 2010. It seems very “together” for such a young wine, very expressive. It shows classic Syrah notes - smoke, herbs, bacon fat, olives - but with its distinctive California twist. The fruits are richer and darker in tone (blackberries!).

Structurally, the wine differs from the 2014 in that it is built for aging (here it resembles the 2010), with firm tannins and a juicy acidity. And age it will, with proper storage. This is our 9th vintage of this Syrah from the Sumu Kaw Vineyard, and tasting back to 2008, none of the previous years are tasting old or weak. So, although I heartily encourage you drink a bottle (or two) now, please feel free to stash away a few more bottles to explore in the coming years. For near-term drinking, you may want to decant the wine for a few hours, but it’s not a necessity.

100% whole cluster fermented Syrah, foot crushed, aged in puncheon and tank. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

12.8% abv. 250 cases made.

A 20% discount will be applied on purchases of 12 bottles or more (mixed cases ok).

Applicable sales tax and shipping costs not included in the price.

This year's Piedi Grandi is flat-out delicious. Though the varietal makeup of the wine is not the “classic” 50/50 blend of Nebbiolo/Mourvedre, it nonetheless tastes like its predecessors. That's a testament to the strong vineyard character of the Sumu Kaw vineyard.

The wine is deep in color. Floral and strawberry aromas leap from the glass. There's crushed thyme and pepper in there, too. The wine is very sleek and smooth on the palate, with a great fruit/herbal balance, and flashes of citrus peel and black tea. The Nebbiolo asserts itself in the finish with its particular, very fine, tannins. The wine just expands in your mouth.

Drink now, or cellar for 5-8 years.  

122 cases made. 13.1% alc.

Our first release from the 2017 vintage, which overall has been marked by lower alcohols and lower yields than the previous few years. The 2017 Mo-Ma was picked September 21st at 18.5 brix and with a pH of 3.60. The marsanne crop was lower than usual, so we added a bit of roussanne to the blend this year.

The wine shows a light color, on the cusp of “is it a red or is it a rosé?” It has an earthy, mineral cherry-vanilla aroma, with some grapeskin and plum. It is light bodied, savory and herbal on the tongue, with a core of fresh acidity. Some very fine tannins sneak in at the finish and contribute a peppery sensation.

Served chilled to bring out the spicy notes and to observe how the wine evolves as it warms up. Pairs well with a very wide variety of foods, from salads to fish to steak to wild mushrooms. A versatile drink, which will be our summer house wine. Drink now! Why wait?

257 cases made. 10.5% alc.

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2017 Petit Manseng


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So, how did the heat wave affect the Petit Manseng? Not so negatively, it turned out.

Petit Manseng always has an abundance of acidity. Thats one thing you can always count on. So, when the heat spike hit, it turned out to be perfect weather for this grape! Acids dropped – just a little – into what I would call “user-friendly range”.

We whole cluster pressed the grapes into tanks, where it stayed until fermentation was complete. Malolactic was only partial this time around, and we gave the wine an extra winter of cellar time to settle.

No screaming lime juice this year, but rather a gentler, perhaps more self-assured version of my new favorite grape. Floral on the nose, with just a touch of bruised apple skin, a little ginger and guava, and a long, very clean and refreshing finish.  Utterly compelling, and utterly delicious. Electric white lightning in a bottle.

123 cases made. 13.4% alc.

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2017 turned out to be an unusual and, in my opinion, great vintage for our red wines. Just at the beginning of harvest we had a week-long heat wave, which pretty much freaked everyone out. Not only was it hot (over 100 for many days in a row), but the heat spike came at a time when some of the early reds were “almost there”.

After it cooled back down to normal, the vines were in shock. At those temperatures the vines basically turn themselves “off” - they go into survival mode in an effort to save internal moisture. Pretty much everything stops. So you get no extra sugar but much lower acid levels in your grapes.

As a result, we found ourselves with grapes of very low potential alcohols that, because of the unusually low acids for that time in the ripening curve, tasted ripe.

So what do you do? You take what nature has given you and pick your grapes at low alcohols, but with perfectly balanced acidity.

The results are really good! Here you have a mourvedre with just 11% alcohol, but with rich flavor and perfect drinkability. All of the classic Cedarville notes are there - cranberry, black tea, nori, white pepper, citrus peel. It really is an ethereal version this time, with style and class in spades. A beautiful bottle fully reflecting its vintage.

150 cases made. 11.2% alc.  

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This year's Rosé is a bit of a change-up: the 2017 is 100% Mourvedre (the syrah and counoise have found a new home in an upcoming new wine),  and 100% barrel fermented.

The mourvedre is from the Sumu Kaw Vineyard at 3000' on volcanic loam soils. We foot stomped the whole clusters and loaded them into the press for a long-ish, gentle pressing. That juice was put immediately into puncheons for fermentation with ambient yeasts. After fermentation, and a spontaneous malolactic secondary fermentation, the puncheons were combined and left to rest for 10 months before bottling. Then, we let the bottled wine sit in the cellar until today's release.

The wine shows classic mourvedre rosé notes of strawberry leaf, cranberry and a slight earthiness. The flavors are round and rich without being overbearing. The finish is long and graceful, with lovely acidity.

You'll definitely want a second (and third) glass.

135 cases made. 12.8% alc.

4/13/19 PLEASE NOTE! Because of travel commitments, orders will next ship on April 29, 2019. We apologize for the delay.